Galactic50: Day 38-43 Durango, Colorado


After an amazing weekend in Idaho, I took off on another long drive. This time my destination was a place I know all too well.  Back to the place where my night photography all started, Durango, Colorado. The drive was just under 12 hours, and worth every second to end up at my friends place with a nice bed in a familiar location.It was just over a year ago, that I became fascinated with photographing the Milky Way. I remember the first night I stepped out onto my porch and saw the Milky Way. Unlike any night sky I had seen before, I was simply in awe. That summer I started looking into learning how to shoot the night sky. But, it wasn't until the following summer I would start to invest real time and money into photographing it.Now almost a year exactly, I returned and with only one night of good weather ahead I had to pick one spot to photograph and hope for the best. I have photographed most of the good locations around Durango, except for one place I always wanted to.During my second summer in Durango, a friend showed me a nesting pair of Eagles, who just had 3 babies. If you haven't read any of the stories you can start here and read all about it. I had always wanted to photograph the Milky Way over their nest, but was never able to get around to it before I left. So I figured this would be the best place to photograph being in Durango, once again.Thoughts from the road:Its good to see Durango again!Music from the road:Garth Brooks, Montgemory Gentry, Blake Sheldon (it was a country kinda day)Photos from the road:I did mostly night photography so here is a peak from that night: