A Look at the American Bald Eagle!


A Family Affair!

A photographic journey through the lives of a family of Bald Eagle's.

Growing up, I had a small fixation on the American Bald Eagle. So much so that I had one tattooed on my leg and still to this day I marvel at this amazing predator. When I first moved out to the area, I heard that there was couple of Bald Eagle's in the area, but no matter how hard I searched I could not find them. Vision's of photographing these magnificent creatures kept taunting me in my dreams so I kept the search up. Finally, one day hearing how obsessed I was with finding these birds a friend took to me to a place they knew a nesting pair of bald eagles lived. In future posts, I will detail my visits and show some of the pictures captured as I fulfill one of my life long visions of photographing The Great American Bald Eagle. To give you a little taste here are a couple of examples of whats to come. 

The Three Eaglets in conversation. Many Bald Eagles will only have 1-2 eaglets per year and a lot of those times only 1 will make it, 3 is a rare number and not all 3 are expected to make it, however this Mom and Dad seem to be very experienced and with luck we may see all 3 fly out of the nest this year.

Mom and Dad scope out the scene as the kiddies eat. 

A sunset family portrait. Mom and Dad don't spend much time in the nest, but they do spend a lot of time around it. On this night both Mom and Dad gave us the privilege of sitting in the same tree of the nest, for this wonderful family portrait. Subscribe below to get the whole story of these American Bald Eagles.