Day 2 with the American Bald Eagle's


A Family Affair!

A photographic journey through the lives of a family of Bald Eagle’s.

Day 2

A return to my new favorite family, was a big success. On Day 2, when I arrived, I saw the babies in the nest and went to a spot I had scouted and started shooting. I got a couple shots of the eaglets in the nest and then proceeded to wait for the parents. I hadn't actually seen the parents yet, but Bald Eagles take care of their young up until they fly out of the nest so I knew they had to be coming back eventually. I took a short hike down the road to see if I could get a better angle and sure enough behind the tree was my first adult Bald Eagle.It was on, I had some great conditions to photograph and one parent was already here. Now we are just waiting on Mom to finish the hunting and return with dinner. As I stood there and photographed the adult and the children some more I realized that Mom had already come back, but this time close to the spot I was before I found the first adult and somehow I completely missed her flying in. Oh well I had both adults and all three babies, happy days!

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