Galactic50: Day 35-37 Idaho!


Antelope Island was originally a two day stop. However, with the soaring temperatures and bad campsite, I decided to start my trip to Idaho a day early. <! data-preserve-html-node="true"--more-->I found a hotel at a halfway point and started on my way. Of course, I couldn't help but stop and get some Dunkin Donuts before leaving. I checked in at noon and settled in for a nap. I didn't sleep much the night before, since it never got below 95 degrees.The drive through Idaho, had me very excited for my weekend ahead. I had plans to meet up with some fellow photographers from The Arcanum (What is the Arcanum) and do some night shooting. They are both great photographers, and I was excited to have some company throughout the night. You can check out Connie McClaran ( and Evan Jones (Rustic Lens Photography) at Travel Obscura where we all contribute or click on the links to see there amazing work at their website.We met at Connie's and after some "light" packing, we made our way to the trailhead. Evan and Connie scouted a great spot for us to go. Although it was a tough up hill climb, it was well worth the amazing views we got that night. And for what feels like the first time this trip, I didn't get any sunset shots instead I got what I came for, incredible Milky Way Shots!We had a great night photographing and hanging out looking for meteors. I can't thank Connie enough for supplying food and, most importantly, COFFEE! The night could not have been any better. Especially since it ended with me sleeping under the stars for the first time.Thoughts from the road:Things that go bump in the night are way less scarier with friends by your side :)Music from the road:The Who, Pink Floyd, Pearl JamPhotos from the road:As I said the only photos I got in Idaho where Milky Way Photos, so here you go: This photo is 4 shot vertical panoramic. I shot 2 vertical shots of the water and the mountains during blue hour, than waited about an hour for the Milky Way to come out and shot 2 verticals. I then merged them together in Photoshop, I hope you like it.

And hear is another multiple shot composite from the other side of the lake:

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