Galactic50: Day 18- Shark Fin Cove, Davenport California


On our second day of our Rt. 1 journey, we headed north to a place I have been before and wanted to head back to and get some photos. The last time I was in California, a friend told me about Shark Fin Cove and I was excited to get back and spend some more time there.Famously known for the large rock formation just off the shore that resembles a shark fin, the cove attracts tourist and photographers alike.  The cove has a short trail down to the beach making it very easy to reach the beach. Shark Fin isn't the only attraction in the cove. A tunnel that changes sizes with seasons and a rock jetty that waves crash into constantly, both make for a great compliment to Shark Fin.I was hoping for some night shots, but the fog rolled in and ruined both the sunset shots as well as any chance at night stuff, but with the full moon getting closer and closer night photos aren't really on my to-do list, right now we are just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful California Coast.Thoughts from the road:I'm still cold, thats right cold, I'm on the California Coast and I'm cold!Music from the road:Short drive today so kept it to talk radio and some of The Record Company.Photos from the road:It is always cool to see Shark Fin, but the weather wasn't very appealing, what do you think?