Galactic50: Day 17, Rt. 1 Begins in Big Sur!


As we make our way out of Yosemite I am amazed of how much forest we drove through. When I think of California, its beaches and palm trees that come to mind, not towering mountains and acres upon acres of forest, but it turns out California probably has as much forest as it does shore line, maybe even more. Today, however, marked the beginning of our journey up Rt. 1, the coastal highway in California that runs most of the coast. Our journey began at Big Sur Pfieffer State Park, looking for that iconic photograph of the waterfall that ends at the beach.First step, was finding a campground. We arrived somewhat late in the day and really didn't expect the campgrounds at the state park to have any room, so driving by them and see the "Campground Full" signs up all over didn't surprise us at all. As we drove through the town, we searched for a campground that had room and we found one just 8.6 miles away. In what turned out to be the longest 8.6 mile drive ever in history, we found ourselves at our campsite in the mountains of coastal California.The weather was colder than we imagined and the fog was thick and low, but we still pushed on to Mcway Falls in search of the classic photo. Rt. 1 at this point was very crowded with most of the pullouts overflowing with tourist looking for that perfect photo. Thankfully, my buddy drove so I was able to grab some shots from the road.Unaware that "Big Sur" is actually the name of the river that creates the all too popular "McWay Falls," we payed our entrance fee into Big Sur Pfieffer State Park, only to quickly realize we were in the wrong place. The falls, it turns out, are actually at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park about 20 minutes up the road. So back in the car and a short drive down Rt 1. and we were finally there. Even though the fog had gotten worse, the falls were still visible and the fog added a great mood to the very relaxing scene.Even though day one on Rt. 1 didn't yield the magical sunset I would have wanted, seeing this amazing cove hidden on the coast started our Rt. 1 leg out on a good step.Thoughts from the Road:The lookout for McWay Falls was an old house that Julie Pfieffer Burns and her husband lived at, could you imagine waking up to that view every morning!!!Songs from the Road:John Butler Trio, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam