Galactic50: Day 16-18 Yosemite


With a crazy good night behind me, I was off on another long ride but this time would be different. The moon is nearly full and the Milky Way unseeable, I planned to meet up with my good friend from Colorado and explore California a little bit. Our first destination was to the land of Ansel Adams, Yosemite National Park.I arrived just around sunset and was extremely happy to see Wolf. Tired from my long drive, we settled in and caught up, unfortunately not around a fire because California is a tinderbox waiting to catch fire. We had two full days in Yosemite, which doesn't seem like a lot but to me getting three nights in one spot is a very welcoming at this point in the trip, so we got up early and found a local breakfast place in a town just north of our campsite. "The Iron Door" was a great little mom and pop place and with free wi-fi we were able to map out the next few days and what we were going to see in Yosemite.We first made our way down to "Tunnel View" to take a look one of the most famous sites in America.

We then made our way up to "Glacier Point" for a 360 degree view of the valley and an Iphone photoshoot. Iphone you say? Yup, I felt like a little challenge so I decided to put the Iphone through some tests, all my photos from the top of Glacier Point were shot on my iphone 6s, let me know what you think!

WP_Header-2120 WP_Header-3 WP_Header-2 WP_Header-2-3 WP_Header-2-2  Our final day in Yosemite, we explored the valley and watched the sunset trickle away on EL Capitan.

Overall Yosemite was an amazing place and I can easily see what draws so many people and photographers to this majestic place. And I was very excited that I got to share it with my friend as well as the rest of my California journey. Wolf and I are bound for the coast and a tour of the famous Rt. 1.


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