Galactic50: Day 10- North Dakota


Another Milky Way-less night, I awoke cold and disappointed and quickly packed up to move on to my next stop, North Dakota. I had another short drive today to and though I have never been to North Dakota I have heard a lot about it and certainly seem some amazing pictures. Not being able to deal with another cloudy night I checked the weather and figured if my destination was calling for cloudy skies, I would make a change and find a spot in North Dakota with favorable weather conditions. Thankfully, the weather report was looking good, so off I went.The closer I got to my destination the more excited I got. North Dakota is beautiful, with rolling green hills and flat valleys filled with farms and grazing herds, I couldn't help but stop and photograph this amazing landscape.When I arrived at my campsite, I was taken back by the location. I was right on the Mississippi river and only one other car in the campground my excitement just grew and grew. As the day went on, the clouds that were there disappeared and my night was looking good.I set off to a nearby city to grab some lunch and get some work done and planned my return close to sunset to stop along the way and do some photos.Thoughts from the road:Life on the road can be tiring but seeing so much of this country makes it all well worth it.Songs from the road:Blues Traveler, Widespread PanicPhotos from the road: