Galactic50: Day Nine- Minnesota


With the weather playing a much bigger role in my trip than I would have liked, I set off to the land of a thousand lakes, Minnesota, hoping once again for a clear night. My drive was short and again I booked a campsite online again so I stayed a little longer at my hotel and got some editing and writing done before I set out on the road.My drive was short and beautiful as I made my way towards some of the most northern states on my journey. The drive took me along Lake Superior and I was taken away by the amazing size of this "Lake." It was like looking out to the ocean with no opposite coast in site, simply put it was massive. I was planning on stopping for photos, but of course the weather was again against me this time it was exactly what I wanted at night, but unfortunately during the day plain blue skies and a high sun make for very boring photos, knowing I needed to come back this way I moved on scouting camping locations for my return trip and found a couple of really cool places I'm looking forward to checking out on my way back.As I showed up to my campsite, I was happy to see this huge beautiful lake, but with big thick clouds above I knew I would be able to get some nice sunset photos, but my pictures of the Milky Way would probably have to wait.Thoughts from the road:Mother Nature you are a cruel cruel women.Songs from the Road:Zach Brown Band, Chris StapletonPhotos from the Road:I was able to get some really cool sunset photos and when I get some more time to process them I will post them but here is one of my favorites to hold you over.