Galactic50: Day Eight


With a Iowa a complete success, I was hoping to be rid of this storm and on with my trip. I again booked a campsite online, plugged in the address and went on my way to Wisconsin. Not wanting any bad news, I didn't check the weather of my next location like usual and just hoped for the best. My drive was a short 4 hours and had a great blend of major highways and backcountry roads.The drive was peaceful and the weather looked great for most of the morning, however those skies would soon turn. About an hour from my destination, I started receiving alerts on my phone for bad weather. The first alert I got, I was still an hour away from my campsite so I didn't think much of it. But as I got closer, the alerts kept coming, so I pulled over looked up the weather for the campground and was slapped in the face again by annoying weather.A full on tornado watch was in effect for the area I was going to go camping that night, or should I say was going to go camping that night. As I watched the clouds get worse and worse, I decided a hotel was the best choice for the night. Doing a little research, I found a hotel far away from all the severe weather and booked a room.I was started to get really tired of the weather, when I turned on the TV and started watching the news, and quickly realized how close I was to a really bad night. "The Cell" as the weatherman kept referring to it as, went straight through the town where the campsite was and all of sudden I felt a ton of relief. Playing it safe has never made me feel so happy. So another bust in Wisconsin and my batting average is about as good as it was when I played baseball, not very good! I know the weather will eventually turn in my favor but for now I'm simply the weathers bitch :).Thoughts from the road:How do people live in tornado alley, a place where your "safe place" is actually a safe place. Which had me start wondering is this hotel my safe place?Music from the Road:John Butler Trio, Billy JoelPhotos from the road:I didn't get any photos but I did prop up my gopro in the window cell and got some shots of the storm coming through.WP_Header-0003