Galactic50: Day 11- South Dakota


With a great night out shooting the Milky Way, I woke tired but happy and eager to get to my next spot, South Dakota. My original plan for photographing South Dakota was to go to the Black Hills National Forest and see what I could get there, however I came across a different place that I thought would fit me better. So I took off for South Dakota and my next destination Badlands National Park.When I arrived I was not surprised to find the one main campground inside the park full, so I took an hour drive across the park and found the free campground that according to the website "rarely fills up." I found a spot for my tent and set up shot before going back to the main area of the park for a late lunch. My plan was simple grab lunch/dinner and then hit the main road in the park for some sunset and scouting photos.With my belly full I moved to a few spots I had spotted on my way in, but was stopped in my tracks by some big horn sheep on the side of the road! It turns out that Badlands are teaming with wildlife,  including the awesome Bison or Buffalo or Tatanka, if you prefer, and while I saw some of the sheep and prairie dogs the promises of Bison went unfulfilled.Like most of this trip, my day was filled with bright sunshine and beautiful skies. But on this night those skies would again just start to get cloudier and cloudier. I watched sunset from a great spot and got some nice photos, but before the moon could set the clouds moved in and I was once again "clouded out" of my Milky Way photos!Overall, I had a great time in Badlands National Park and would recommend it to anyone who loves amazing scenery. I haven't decided if I will go here or my original destination on my return trip, but I'm certainly leaning towards a return trip.Thoughts from the road:If your sleeping in an open campground and your snoring sounds like a Bison breathing you should probably have some kind of breathing machine!Music from the road:Widespread Panic, Pink Floyd, The Civil Wars