Galactic50: Day Six


With this storm hanging over my current area, I have been feeling a little discouraged. I was however expecting this since I saw the weather report on my way out here talking about these storms. As I drive to Nebraska the skies remain grey and so does my mood. But, after a short drive into Nebraska I arrived at Indian State Park, and while the skies turned grey my mood started to swing. I remembered my mantra of "adapt and overcome" and set up my camp for the night and then set out to take pictures regardless of the weather.Indian State Park is a beautiful look into our country's history. The town of St. Deroin, was established in 1854 as a trading post along the Mississippi River. The town was abandoned due to flooding but some of the old structures still remain along with a few cementeries. The park was beautiful and easy to explore, they have miles of hiking trails and access to waterways for boating activities.The park has one campsite with reservable spots, but has a ton of primitive tent sites throughout the park, just bring bug spray as there a lot of them! They have regular history re-enactments and of course there is the Indian Cave that the park is named for.I did a lot of scouting in the hopes that the clouds would clear, however they never did. But it was a nice time hiking around and enjoying this beautiful park.Thoughts from the road:America grows a lot of CORN!Music from the road:Civil Wars, Meatloaf, Mighty BosstonesPhotos from the road:

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