Galactic50: Day Seven


I was getting very tired of the bad weather and the cloudy skies just needed to go away, but thankfully my wishes came true as I arrived in Iowa, nice and early but again google and its coconspirators were against me. Due to my unfortunate luck of finding campgrounds accurately with google I took a new approach and started reserving campsites through and online website. I mean you can't go wrong there, right!!! As I began my departure from Kansas I looked up my reservation, put in the address and proceeded to follow the now annoying voice coming through my radio. My drive was short, but ended at a beautiful resort right on the lake I was supposed to be going to, however I didn't see a campground in site. Annoyed and frustrated with google yet again I went into the resort to get to the bottom this. After a ten minute conversation with a lady, who clearly wasn't listening to a word coming out of my mouth as she tirelessly looked for my reservation, and a manager who came over and proceeded to also not listen to anything I said and also search for my reservation I did not have, I finally got directions to the appropriate campground 5 miles down the road.Upon arriving, I noticed a nice little sign with my name on it hanging at the post of my site and for whatever reason I forgave all my animosity toward google as my sight was perfect and I didn't have to spend another 3 hours looking for it. By this time I was surely over clouds but they were not over me. I sat in my chair and watched the boaters and campers play the rest of the day, as I edited away on some photos, while staring down every cloud that made its way over my head.Thankfully, this day would end with a magic sunset and even more magical night as the clouds disappeared and I not only got treated to a galactic clear night but I could also see about 5 different firework displays going off on the horizon, it was a Happy 4th of July! Thoughts from the road:In states where fireworks are legal is there really a need for towns to put of Firework shows???? You are deep in rural America when you see not one, not two but three farm tractors on the highway especially when one has a trailer hooked up pulling a smaller tractor.Music from the road:John Butler Trio, Zac Brown Band, Shakey GravesPhotos from the Road:

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