Dark Skies of Hoosier National Forest


After a difficult trip, I was anxious to see what the night skies held for me here in Indiana. I found a great location to shoot that I felt safe in and had some great foreground material to work with. Maybe I was just a little too anxious or maybe the skies just fooled me because only an hour after sunset the sky seemed extremely dark so I set out on my trail and hoped for the best.

I could clearly see the Milky Way from my first chosen spot so I started firing away. I don’t rely very heavily on my camera to review Milky Way pictures because it is very inaccurate of what you are capturing, so when I saw some bright light coming from behind the mountains on my lcd I payed no mind. However, in what turned out to be a cool mistake I was able to capture the remaining light of sunset along with the Milky Way, normally this would be a bad thing but I was still able to bring out the Milky Way in the picture so I was pretty happy with this mistake.

This is where my night took a turn for the worse. You see this whole project came about from two reasons, first I’ve always wanted to see the country on a cross country trip but since I am a photographer I wanted it to have a purpose. With that in mind I gave myself the challenge of photographing the Milky Way, simply so I could practice and get better at photographing it. Well just like everything we practice, sometimes, our practice sessions just don’t go our way. On this particular night I had some great mountains and a lake as my foreground subjects so I thought I would try some panoramics of the Milky Way. I wish I had a something to show you, but unfortunately my attempts turned out as a big failure, but the lessons have been learned and I can’t wait to try them again.

After a long stint shooting panoramic’s of the Milky Way, I was getting tired from my long day driving and it was getting pretty late. I started back towards my camp when I made one last turn towards the Milky Way and absolutely loved how it lined up with the mountains. so I set up for one last shot. However, the trail I was on too close to the shore and with every shot I took I found myself moving farther and farther out from the shoreline and before I knew it my feet were in about 2 feet of water, but to me it was well worth the shot, what do you think?

All in all I was pretty happy with my night in Hoosier National Forest. While I spent my night at this beautiful little fishing hole on my way out I passed a major lake called Potato Lake, which is probably going to be on the hitlist for my return trip, so I will keep you posted.