Galactic50: Day Five


Rain, Rain, and More Rain. My excitement for location the previous night came to a screeching halt about an hour before sunset when a bunch of thick low clouds moved in, clouds that would produce storms galore on my trip to Kansas. The rain was coming down so hard I now completely understand the phrase “its raining cats and dogs.” I never thought driving could be so stressful even when you are the only one on the road. To make it worse the rain was supposed to stop anytime soon, so I booked my first hotel of the trip and took the night off from shooting and recharged as I come to a close of the first week on the road for my Galactic50 project.

With Kansas a bust my bad nights are now outweighing my good nights something I hope to change on Day 6 in Nebraska.

Thoughts from the road:

“Cow….. another cow”

“I think thats the same cow” -Twister!

Music from the Road:

Due to the concentration needed and the short 3 hour ride I had it was all talk radio, if your not listening to Opie and Jim Norton on Sirius XM do yourself a favor and give them a shot.