San Francisco: The Photowalk!


My trip to the west coast was made specifically to partake in a photowalk with one of today's hottest photographers, Trey Ratcliff. As you may or may not know I am an apprentice in Trey's Mentorship program, The Arcanum, don't know what that is yet, well you can read here to find out. After our busy first day, our second day came as a nice relaxing day discussing photography and waiting for the Photowalk. The group and I headed down to the city pretty early so we could get some lunch before the big event. After lunch we showed up at the meeting spot and even though we were there pretty early, the crowds were already starting to form. However, seeing as we had some time and we were standing right around the corner from the Pier where the seals hangout, I took a stroll to see these guys:After hanging out with the seals for a bit, I headed back to the group for the start of the photowalk. Back at the meeting point, we got an inspiring talk by Trey Ratcliff, and we were off. The atmosphere was fantastic, the group was a happy and talkative as we made our way down the route.Overall the experience of the photowalk was great, meeting and chatting with other like minded photographers was a lot of fun and very eventful all through the night. As the photowalk started winding down my group of 12 or so photographers and our fearless leader, A.D. Wheeler, got lucky as hell trying to figure out our next move. As we are all standing there discussing ride options, a limo driver pulled up and asked if we needed a ride, honestly confused we told the guy he had the wrong group because we didn't order any limo he told us he had no other customers for the night and would give us a ride! So that night we answered the question, how many photographers and their equipment could fit into a limo, well we didn't really fit but we made it work. So we were off, first to the San Francisco Bridge Overlook to take some iconic shots of the bridge at night than, we finished off our night at an amazing spot in San Francisco.It was an amazing trip to this point but we still had one more full day of shooting ahead of us. Stay tuned for more and if you want stories like this one emailed to you be sure to sign up for my email list below! For all the pictures from this amazing time in San Francisco click here for the gallery. Our trip was an amazing one, a lot of reason why was because of our Local Guide Mr. Edward Perez, Thanks Eddie for making it count!The HLB Crew w/Limo Driver and special guest host Eddie:WP_Header-9810