San Francisco, A Friendly Gathering: Shark Fin Cove Part I


After a very early morning of shooting we headed out of Tomales Bay and back into San Francisco. After recharging a bit, my friend suggested a place to go shoot sunset and possibly the milky way, so we took off to the highways again to our next destination, Shark Fin Cove. Shark Fin Cove is an awesome place along Highway 1, where one of the rock formations looks like a Shark Fin, hence the name :). The highway runs along the beautiful cliffs of the California coast, so once you park you have about a 5 minute hike down into the cove. The trail is not the greatest but we made our way down slowly and methodically with all our gear in tow making sure not to slip and tumble all the way down. Once down on the beach you get an immediate sense of this magic cove. Fire pits and music were going as beachgoers prepared for the cold night to begin. We all split up searching our perfect shot and I headed right for the cave on the left side of the cove. It wasn't the best place for sunset pictures, but it sure was a cool spot.The cove itself is not too big, but walking around the beach you could find so many different things to photograph. The water coming in, the sun going down, or simply the shark fin. This massive rock sitting in almost the dead center of this cove is a very cool representative of what the coast of California looks like, oh and makes a great subject for some photos.After the sunset, we hiked back up grabbed some food at a great pizzeria across the street and waited for the real fun. Want to hear what happens next please subscribe for to receive Shark Fin Cove Part II directly in your email. If you want to see all the photos from my San Francisco Trip Click Here! Thanks for taking a look today!