San Francisco, A Friendly Gathering: Day 1


Last year, I joined an amazing online community known as the Arcanum. An online community for photographers to learn and grow with help from established, professional photographers, the Arcanum is something, I believe, every photographer should experience. The Arcanum is worldwide which makes it very exciting to meet and talk to people from the other side of the world or even people in your backyard. The experience and friendships formed are some I will never forget. In order to promote this new wonderful community, Trey Ratcliff, one of the founding photographers, created photo walks across the country and set out to spread the word. I was pretty far from most of the walks, but a lot of people in my group were planning on going to the San Francisco walk so I took the opportunity to join them for what would end up being one of the best trips I have taken in a long time.Because so many from our group were going, our mentor planned a few days out for us to go and enjoy some amazing San Francisco locations. This trip for me would serve a dual purpose, as I have a long time friend that lives in San Francisco and I was excited to see him as well. After telling him what I was in town for he quickly wanted in, as a photographer himself I don't think he could resist. After a long day and night of traveling, my friend and I arrived at our first location closer to midnight but still willing to wake up before dawn and meet the group for our first day out shooting.Our first destination was an amazing place found by our mentor, Tomales Bay. There is a park there at Hearts Desire Beach, that has an amazing forest surrounding it. The trees surrounding this beach are natural sculptures painted with green moss and in the right light can be absolutely mesmerizing.  We started for Hearts Desire Beach way before sunrise and although we were tired we pushed on and it would pay off as it turned out to be a fantastic morning.

The forest was an incredible place, lined with mossy, long branched trees. The feeling of peace was undeniable, when people talk about nature affecting you this is what they were talking about.

As the sun started to rise and the light started coming through the trees the tiredness, the acheness from traveling all went away and I was in photographer heaven!

As the sun kept rising we headed back to the beach and as the fog was starting to lift, I caught this guy looking for breakfast.

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