Tribeca Grain: A day at the shop!


Recently, while back home on the east coast, I took some time to visit my brothers shop where he runs, Tribeca Grain. Tribeca Grain takes what was old and makes it new again. Designing everything from restaurant bars to dining room tables, if you want the rustic look of reclaimed wood, Joe Wood and the staff at Tribeca Grain will deliver. As reclaimed wood becomes more and more popular, Tribeca Grain continues to grow, so I took the opportunity to photograph the shop and one of their newly finished projects.The shop is filled with great things of the past that make for some great photos. The shop itself is a living breathing example of Tribeca Grain, reclaimed from years of neglect, Joe has turned it around and created a place to bring history back to life. Project after project, Joe and his staff strip down, re-create, and re-imagine wood that would have other wise been thrown out. Taking these decades old pieces of lumber and transforming them into functional pieces of art. Walking around the shop you feel the magic as projects in various stages sit around. Joe and his staff have found a way to bring back history and with every piece created there is a story, oh if this wood can talk the stories it would tell. From the rafters of NYC buildings to the homes and offices of today, Tribeca Grain preserves our past in ways you can only imagine.

Throughout the shop, Joe has reclaimed some machines as well, making the shop both functional and historical.

However, the shop is only half the magic. On this particular night I got to see one Tribeca Grains newest jobs. The Hamilton Pork is a new BBQ restaurant in Jersey City, where Tribeca Grain created the tables and bar area and I got the privilege of photographing this new hot spot.I hope you enjoyed the pics, if you are interested in some reclaimed wood furniture check out or if your in the mood for some great BBQ check out If you like what you read please subscribe below! Thanks and have a nice day!