TBT: Lakota Wolf Preserve


It was 2010 and I had the privilege of doing a workshop with a local NJ Photography Retailer, Unique Photo, at the Lakota Wolf Preserve. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is four very large pens in which three of them contain packs of wolves and the fourth a mixture of bobcats and other rescued predators from the area. Upon arrival, I remember my initial reaction being, "Wow they are big." I've grown up with dogs my whole life but seeing actual wolves and the sheer size of them definitely threw me for a loop. Even more amazing was their ability to see right through you and into your soul with those deep yellow eyes.Although in captivity these wolves were still very wild, the curators of the preserve made it very clear that if you dropped something in the pen, LEAVE IT! While they were used to human interaction they were wild and still ran in packs. In fact most of the job of the curators, when a new wolf arrived, is to make sure the wolves were placed in the right pack.While I was all prepared and excited to get pictures of the wolves, I was pleasantly taken back by the fourth pen. When they brought out the Bobcat the place just erupted with ooh's and aaah's, not because they were some amazing animal but because the Bobcat was extremely play full and provided some great opportunities for pictures.

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