Area Spotlight: Mesa Verde


Over 700 years ago, the Ancestral Pueblo people lived in dwellings they made in the cliffs of Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde, meaning Green Table, is the sight of over 600 cliff dwellings hand made by the Pueblo people. The most famous, or shall I say the biggest is the Cliff Palace with over 150 rooms carved out of the mountain side, below is a photo of one of the many structures in cliff place.There are two other dwellings that can house over 100 people within Mesa Verde and all of them look as amazing as the Cliff Palace. Using Sandstone, mortar, and wood the Pueblo created palace like living quarters all over Mesa Verde. Most of the dwellings had 1-5 rooms, but places like the Cliff Palace were a sheer feet of engineering in the year 600 A.D.

 The size of the whole Mesa Verde is over 81 miles of high desert, and the views are spectacular. I'm not just talking about the cliff dwellings either. From certain points in the park you have a 360 Degree view of the valleys below but you can feel and see the history of this area just be looking around.<

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