A Family Affair: An Eagle of a Day


Today was a busy one at the home of Eagles. We saw a lot of flying from the adults, some attempts by one of the babies, and even one of the adults hunting on the ground. When I first arrived, I noticed I missed one of the adults coming back with the day's hunt as everyone was chowing down at the dinner table over what looked like a fish. However, it didn't seem that was enough as we saw one of the adults fly down to the ground and capture some kind of ground rodent, but this time kept it all to themselves as they hung out on the ground and had their own solo meal. But the babies came first and when the fish got brought back to the nest one thing was made very clear, the strong survive! When the fish arrived at the nest the biggest eaglet was hanging out on one of limbs of the tree, probably trying to get the courage to take the leap, which he did twice but only for a few seconds before landing back on his limb. Then he started yelling at the other ones, apparently he didn't like them eating his dinner, so he flew in from the limb and took over.

Even Mom didn't look to pleased at his entrance, but a guys gotta eat right. The adult hung out in the nest for a little bit to monitor things but eventually left and took up its post watching out for anybody looking to harm this family!Soon the other adult would join him, after her rodent meal, and all would start to relax as the sun started to set on another safe day for this extraordinary family.

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