Galactic50: Day 26 Las Vegas, Nevada


Coming up on almost a month straight on the road, and its beginning to take its toll on me. The heat in Lone Pine took a lot out of me and my buddy so we decided to take a night off and relax in beautiful Las Vegas.We booked a hotel and made our way through Death Valley, it was 113 as we drove through it, to the dessert oasis of Vegas. While Vegas was almost as hot as Death Valley, we had an air conditioned room so it was all worth it.Once we got showered and sured up our plans for Zion, we made our way to the strip for some dinner and relaxation. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and then walked around the strip for awhile visiting some of the casino's, until we ended up at the Bellagio for some light gambling. Unfortunately, we did not win big so the RV is going to have to wait :)It was a nice night and we got so much needed rest, tomorrow we are on our way to Zion National Park, one of the darkest skies in the U.S. and what I'm hoping is the pinnacle of this trip.Thoughts from the road:Las Vegas is nice, but it is amazing how many people there was, that is right up until you went into the casino's, which were pretty empty.Music from the road:Mumford and Sons, The Record Company, AdelePhotos from the Road:I didn't do much photography in Vegas as I really needed a break so here is a 5 shot HDR Panoramic from North Dakota to hold you over!