Galactic50: Day 14 Washington State


Leaving Montana and Glacier National Park was one of the hardest things I have had to do this entire trip. I have missed the mountains more than I thought I would, since leaving Colorado, and Montana served as a nice reminder to me for how much I love the mountains. But Washington was next on the list and I needed to move on. It is the beginning of a new and exciting week, because this week I will meet up with my great travel buddy and friend from Colorado. So off to Washington we go.

I left Montana the same way as when I arrived, cloudy and rainy. Hoping that Washington was going to not be more of the same, I checked the weather for tonights campsite, it wasn’t the worst outlook, but not greatest at all. As I arrived Mt. Rainer National Forest the mountains have again made their return and with very partly clouds above I was optimistic for a good night.

I arrived at my campsite, thanks you google for making it uneventful, surprised to see so many empty spots and knowing there was a bunch more campsites ahead I moved on to do some scouting and check out the closest town.

About 15 minutes into my drive into town, the skies once again turned against me, becoming darker and bigger as my drive went on. Once I got into town, I looked back at the mountains and it was nothing but low big dark clouds and of course they were right where the Milky Way would be rising.

It was only 5 o’clock or so when I made it into town, so I hit up a diner and had some dinner and waited to see if the clouds would leave. However, as the night moved on the clouds just got worse and worse. I found a campsite close to town and decided to call it a night.

Next on the list was Crater Lake and my anticipation is growing for a good night.

Thoughts from the road:

I'm not sure where my love of the mountains come from, but something about them has me in awe.

Music from the road:

Mostly talk radio today.

Photos from the road:

Washington was a complete bust so here is a preview of Crater Lake:

This is a 6 shot panoramic from the east side of Crater Lake.