Finger Lakes to Flowing Waters, a day back east!


Heading back home for the holidays is always a great time of year for me. Seeing friends and family always puts a great end to the year. This year I added a little extra spice to my trip back home, with a visit to my mentor and friend A.D. Wheeler. A.D. has been my mentor for close to a year now and the experience with him and the amazing people at The Arcanum has been a total trip. Not familiar with The Arcanum check out my post here to learn more. And to check out some of A.D.'s awesome photography go to: had a rare two weeks to go home this year, so it lined up perfectly to take the 3 hour trip north to visit A.D.. We started our day with a visit to the largest of the Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake. Up way before sunrise, to be able to get to a great spot A.D. picked out for us, we arrived just in time to catch it. We set up on a pebbly shoreline and got to photographing. Our spot could not have been any better and with just the right amount of clouds our sunrise decided to cooperate with us and we were able to get some fantastic shots. I have always been aware of certain subjects that I was obsessed with photographing, i.e. waterfalls and mountains, but I certainly developed a new fascination this year in the likes of old and rotten wood. So when we showed up to Severne Point, I was ecstatic to see a very large stump sticking out of the water.  Once our picturesque sunset was done, we moved on to some breakfast and our next location, Taughannock Falls State Park. At an impressive 215 feet tall, Taughannock Falls is truly a Finger Lakes Region must do! You can view the falls from a lookout above.

But to get the best view of the falls and the amazing scenery that accompany the falls in the state park, be sure to hit up the trail less than a half mile drive from the lookout. Along the trail you will see some great smaller waterfalls, as well as be completely surrounded by the beauty Upstate NY has to offer. We were here during the beginning of winter and while everything was very bland, I can still imagine what an amazing scene this whole area would make in fall!

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