Colorado Mountain Summers: Beauty at the top of the world


Being a transplant from NJ, I have seen and experienced so many new things being out in Colorado. Nothing has yet to compare to the scene I experienced at the trailhead for King Bullion Lake. Sitting at nearly 12,000 ft in elevation, King Bullion Lake, which is one of the many large alpine lakes in the San Juan Mountains, takes a long ride up an old mine trail to just get to the trailhead. It is here where you will find most of the magic this place has to offer. As the river from the lake makes it's way bay back down the mountain, it carves its way through the snowpack of the previous winter. The scene this creates is one many don't get to see, but all should see. The combination of the flowing water and the disappearing snowpack, all among the blossoming flowers brings all four seasons into one place high above the rest of the world. I was there in August, and I truly couldn't believe the amount of snow still on the ground. Again i'm originally from NJ, the latest I have ever seen snow was probably March after a major eastern winter, when our high school baseball team needed to practice on the parking lot because the field was covered in snow. This was my normal, now I regularly travel up into the mountains during the summer and see sights like this. The old helping establish the new, and the new washing away the old. It is nature at is most glorious time.As you can see the flowers still struggle to bloom and we already in August here. Mountain climate is very new to me, but every summer when I make my way up into this rarely seen world I remember how lucky I am to live in such a place. Surrounded by nature's wrath and beauty at the same time! With the winter we are "supposed" to get I am already itching to get back into the mountains and find out how nature carved this scene.This week I will be posting images from my trip to King Bullion Lake, be sure to follow my blog for the scene I uncovered on my trip back to this magical place. Want to see more