Jeep Living: Still waiting on summer.


I will be sharing many jeep trails with you, but here in SW Colorado where most of the jeep trails reside over 9,000 ft in elevation, we are still waiting for the snow to melt. However, I took a ride up to Silverton, Colorado this past weekend to see how close or far we are and found that we are still a few weeks away but I also found this amazing scene. Waterfalls, are running ramped this time of year and while Clear Lake, a small glacier lake at 10,000 feet, was my hope, but snow lined the trail making impossible to get too.So,  as I kept driving along the county road I came upon some waterfalls, also one of my favorite things to photograph, so I stopped and hike up the mountain for some photos. This wasn't the wettest winter on record, but the melting snow put on one heck of a show. The water wasn't the only thing rearing's it head this spring. On my way out, I saw a moose and a bear, sorry no pictures as they were too far away, but it speaks to how amazing this area really is. Follow this blog for more 4 Corners Jeep living and check out the Jeep Living Gallery at my website. Through most of Colorado, county dirt roads are your only real way of seeing the true beauty that lies in this state. This county road starts just outside of Silverton, Colorado, along this road you will find waterfalls, wildlife, and of course some old mine ruins. < 

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