Area Spotlight: The Grand Canyon


About a 5 1/2 hour drive from Durango, Colorado, one of America's greatest natural spectacle's awaits you. Over 1 mile down and on average 10 miles across, The Grand Canyon is a sight everyone should try and see. This visit was my first and while it was "offseason" and the North Rim was closed, a visit to the south rim will still leave you speechless. Speechless is the only word I can think of, as you lean over the ledge to see the canyon drop and are met by the sheer size of this great big whole in the ground. But the size is something that no matter how much I explain it, if you haven't been there, you will not be able to grasp.The access given to the Grand Canyon is almost as amazing as the views, with scenic pull offs all along the southern rim or a loop trail that will take you all along the edge of the canyon by foot. These are just two of the easiest ways to see the canyon. If your feeling frisky and like to hike there are multiple trails to the bottom, but permits are needed as they limit most of the traffic in and out of the canyon. But to get a spectacular view of sunset all you really need to do is find the edge!The Grand Canyon, is truly like nothing I have ever seen. The history and the people alone make taking this trip worth it, but throw in the amazing sunsets and views and you will have one heck of a trip that you will never forget, I know I never will. 

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