I am by all means more a country guy than I am a city guy, but as much as I love nature and being out in the wild, NY is a jungle all its own. Skyscrapers, theaters, restaurants, views for miles, and some of the greatest talents reside in NYC.  Places like Broadway, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, and Rockefeller Center are just a few of the many tourist destinations you will find in NY. But this is just the beginning, a place this big and grand you are bound to find something around every corner. Taking trips into NYC for photographs can be very intimidating, so much to see and photograph you can lose yourself in it very quickly, but nothing compares when you nail a shot of the greatest city in the world. Here's looking at you Big Apple!This was taken from the top of 30 Rock or Rockfeller Center. It is one of the highest views of the city you can get. And on this cold snowy day we were treated to an amazing sunset.One of my favorite things about NYC is the street artist you can find almost anywhere. In the subway, on the corners, and of course in Central Park! During a big nor'eastern when NY and NJ got pounded with snow, I took off to NYC to see Central Park and try and capture its beauty wrapped in snow. When I first arrived it was still early and cold, but that didn't stop one performer from getting out there and providing some great tunes for my stroll through Central Park.

There are many sights to see in NYC, but only one that means something to every American. She stands tall, stands proud, she welcomes all!

 Oh and that whole Empire State Building, its pretty cool too!