Galactic50: Day 46 Pikes Peak


Pikes Peak: America's Mountain

Sitting at just over 14,ooo feet, Pikes Peak is a true Colorado beauty. It is no wonder to me why its called America's Mountain. With a paved road straight to the summit, Pikes Peak takes you on a ride you will never forget. The drive takes from 3 to 4 hours from top to bottom, but leaves feeling like you just reached the top of the world.One of Colorado's 53 14ers (mountains higher than 14,000 feet), Pikes Peak is just 300 feet shy of the tallest. This fact alone, makes the availability of this summit even more impressive. How can you not want to drive to one of the tallest peaks in Colorado in the safety of your own car?As you drive up to the summit, you are constantly reminded of your destination. The inclines, at some points, make you feel like you are heading straight to the clouds. The winding twisty road snakes along the mountainside, with vertical drop offs not for the faint of heart lining the other side. With each turn you can feel the gain in elevation as the temperature drops dramatically. 50 degrees was the high, in early August so dress warm!Pikes Peak lives up to its name and is a sight I encourage all to try and see in their life. It is a drive you will never forget and want to do over and over.Thoughts from the road:I'm on top of the world!Music from the road:Pearl Jam, Blues TravelerPhotos from the road: