Galactic50 Day 22: Napa Valley


After our trip up the coast, we headed back south through center California to wine country U.S.A., Napa Valley. Driving into Napa Valley, you instantly get in the mood for wine. Fresh vineyards line every street along with the rolling hills surrounding the valley. After a brief drive through Napa, we headed to our campsite.With the moon still occupying our nights, we settled into The Napa Valley State Park Campsite and planned our night. We found a great little Italian restaurant in the middle of Calistoga and settled in for a relaxing night. We both ordered a flight of local Calistoga wines, and some great Italian food as we talked about our trip and reminisced about our favorite spots.Once we finished dinner, we made our way down a scenic highway on the outskirts of Napa and found a great spot for some sunset pictures. All and all Napa Valley was everything I expected it to be and more.Thoughts from the road:It was nice to settle down the last couple weeks and enjoy the California coast with a great friend, but with the moon rising later and later it is time to get back to the task at hand.Music from the road:Jimmy Buffett, Chris Stapleton, The Doors, Led ZeppelinPhotos from the Road: