Galactic50: Day Four


After a disappointing night of cloudy skies, I packed up and headed to my next stop, Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. Again this was supposed to be a short trip that thanks to google turned into a major drive. It is safe to say that I am no longer relying on Google to find me camp sites, instead I have a new method of finding camp sites with an address :).

After arriving at Mark Twain National Forest I did some googling and found one of the campsites listed for the national forest, or so I thought. With the address set I again started listening to my favorite person tell me where to go. The next thing I knew I was in the middle of the forest on some back country dirt road with, you guessed it, no campsite in sight! Damn google, luckily I remembered seeing a sign for a private campground a few miles back so I turned around and headed there. The campsite was really nice and just around the corner from the sight was a really cool river with a very large beach and after looking at my planner I could see the Milky Way was going to be in perfect position for some great shots!

Thoughts from the road:

There are parts of America  everyone must see, not just for its beauty but for its people. I think the one thing most people in this country don’t understand is how the other side lives.

“People are strange when your a stranger” Jim Morrison The Doors.

Music from the Road:

Civil Wars, Top 30 Country Countdown (Its amazing to me how non country country music is these days), Blues Traveler