Galactic50: Day One


Day One:Galactic50 is officially underway and the first place on the list is Ohio. With one of the longest drives ahead of me I wanted to try and get an early start, but we all know how that goes. Even with my slight delays I was on the road early and google maps had me arriving a few hours before sunset. My destination was Wayne National Forest in southwest Ohio.One of my longest drives of the trip lead me through some beautiful areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia and of course my destination state Ohio. I was tempted to stop multiple times in Maryland and West Virginia but the idea of them in fall kept me happy enough to not stop while giving me something else to look forward to after this trip.Driving along listening some good tunes and allowing my mind to wonder, I can't help but think how amazing this trip is going to be. We live in such a beautiful country and driving across it with time to stop and take it all in, has been on my mind since my friend and I drove out to Colorado for my move. I thought about a lot of different things, some mundane stupid things and some soul searching things we all do when left to own demise. So a couple thoughts about what I wanted to do on this trip, one is this, a daily journal to make all my wonderfully worried family members put there mind at ease that all is going ok. Two is a daily timelapse of my drives through this amazing country and three and the most important, obviously, is generating portfolio quality images of the Milky Way in all 50 states. I'm not going to lie that third one is making me a little nervous, its fine to capture a "nice" image of the Milky Way in all 50 states but my end goal of this project is a sellable book and for that and for me to be happy publishing it the images need to be top notch. It for this reason I have not put an end date on this project, because the photo perfectionist in me will not be happy until all 50 images are top notch! So here we go first stop Wayne National Forest, Ohio!Thoughts from the road:Adapt and overcome!Music of the Day:Nathanial Ratcliff and the Nightsweats, The Record Company, and finishing the night off with a little Widespread Panic