Are you a Renegade?


I have for a long time now been in love with the Jeep Brand. One of the first things I did when moving out to Colorado, was look to buy a Jeep Wrangler so I can access the beautiful mountains I live nearby. However, on a budget the best I could do was close to a 20 year old Jeep that ended up being one problem after another. Ideally, I would have loved to have just bought a newer Wrangler as they are now a bit wider making them a little easier to drive long distances but starting at 35K they were a little out of my budget. Thankfully for me, Jeep just solved my problem.

Introducing the new Jeep in my life, The Renegade! 

Compact, comfortable, and gets 31 MPG HWY, but still lives up to the Jeep name, if I wasn't sold, after taking it to Moab, Utah, I am now. I am not saying that this will take you everywhere a Wrangler will, but it will take you a lot farther than your Prius. The 4X4 capabilities, come straight from the Jeep brand I love so much. With touch button activation and multiple choices for Sand, Snow, Mud, and Auto for those unpredictable days. I put the little one through its paces in Moab hitting two different trails, both rated as "easy" but "easy" in Moab is probably what most would consider a "moderate" trail anywhere else and when all was said and done The Renegade crushed it. The great gas mileage and 4x4 capabilities aren't the only thing that make the Renegade so great. They start at 19k but we all know, that is just the get you in the door price. If you want 4x4, you are looking at around $22-$25K starting price. But what you get for that, bluetooth radio with handsfree assist, Sirius XM Radio, Rear Back up Camera, excellent crash ratings, and so much more make this one of Jeeps smartest ideas in years.Obviously, this is no Wrangler, but if you are on a budget and you want a vehicle that will get you there comfortably and efficiently, but also take you off road once you get there, than the answer is simple my friends, The Renegade has it all!Currently, I am planning a massive trip across the country with just me and the Renegade, make sure you subscribe below for updates on whats to come. Not sold on the Renegade well take a look at my Jeep Living Gallery to see pics of all the Jeeps and the places we have been.