Arches NP: Dreams come true!


After witnessing the might sunset of Canyonlands, I was a happy a photographer with very little expectations for sunrise. Could it be that I could be blessed with two amazing scenes one after the other? The answer simply put is...yes! The morning after our remarkable outing in Canyonlands, my friend and I woke up nice and early fueled up with some coffee and journeyed out into the darkness of dawn to capture what would end up being yet another incredible scene. We showed up just in time too as like most things in nature this sunrise didn't last long at all. After about 15 minutes of shooting I started noticing that the color was fading fast and the sun wasn't even up yet, noticing more clouds that I would like moving in I quickly realized I needed to act fast. Running around one of my favorite places in Arches National Park, Touret Arch, I grabbed whatever photo's I could with the amazing light and it was worth it.I have been to Arches many times and I have never seen anything like this. Basking in a glow of morning light and low lying clouds provided a scene that makes you think you are on another planet. At one point I remember thinking that I have never been this lucky to be able to capture scenes like this, but in photography sometimes you have to get lucky and this morning luck was on my side. Showing up to Moab, I had one goal in mind, capture the amazing rocks and formations of Moab with snow, never in a million years did I think I would be treated to a scene like this.When I got home and started reviewing my photo's, I started down the editing rabbit hole and after almost 2 straight weeks of editing, refining, and cleaning photos I ended up with a series of photos from that morning that are already in line for some of my favorites of the year. For editing these I used my good friend and mentor A.D. Wheelers,, presets if you like what you see and want some amazing LR presets check out his store here,

The first shot comes from Balanced Rock, one of the first pull offs driving into Arches National Park. Everytime I go back I expect to see this rock on the ground, I have no idea how it is not!

Just minutes later we arrived at the Tourret Arch, just a few minutes passed Balanced Rock and surrounded by 3 other arches.

Lastly we stopped at The Garden of Eden to capture the last of the sunrise.

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