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Hey Everybody,

Last week, during the height of the years biggest Meteor Shower, The Perseods, I spent more time awake than I did sleeping. But, with the Milky Way also very prominent in the night sky I couldn't wait to get out. I stayed pretty local the first two nights shooting at an overlook the first night and a local reservoir the second. Both nights were long, but well worth it. The Milky Way alone is an awe inspiring sight and while I was out there shooting, staring at the sky hoping one of those many meteors would hit the very small window of the sky I was watching, I couldn't help but get excited. At the height of the Perseods, one can see up to 1oo meteors an hour, but during the three days this shower really peaks you can see them all over the sky and all night long. Unfortunately, for me none of those felt like going into my frame the first two nights. But all was not lost as I had some big plans for the weekend. On Friday night, I enlisted a good friend and headed up to a place most would think is pretty scary in the dead of the night, Animas Fork. A ghost town, readers will be familiar with, above Silverton, Colorado to provide a background for an epic show. We arrived before sundown and set up camp, after we had some dinner and got our fire going we headed up to the old buildings and started shooting. We ended up shooting till about 4:15 a.m. when the dark night, sleepless nights, and scary surroundings had taken its toll. The next morning, we grabbed some food in Silverton and headed home to start processing. Below is the best of what came out of last week, I hope you enjoy!

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