A Family Affair: In search of the Eagle Family


After my last visit, I couldn’t wait to get back to see the Eagles. I was hoping for the family to be reunited and to see all three babies flying around their home. However, when I arrived, I quickly realized no one was home. I looked around for a while, but didn’t see or hear any of them. I really have no idea if this was a good sign or a bad sign. The optimist in me really felt like all the babies learned to fly and they were off somewhere teaching them how to hunt. Taking a moment to think, I remember back to my first Bald Eagle experience.I was on a cruise with my family, in Alaska, I had just taken up photography and had gotten my first DSLR, the Canon Rebel, and when planning for the trip we noticed an excursion to a Bald Eagle Preserve. The excursion to the preserve was an early morning, and we set out on a bus with a local girl telling us all about what growing up in Alaska is like. Listening to her stories I couldn’t help but getting excited, she told us of Bear encounters, Bald Eagles swooping down in front of her and grabbing a prairie dog, Elk sightings, and of course the Moose who roam their streets like Deer do down here in the continuous states. Once we arrived at the preserve, they set us up in small boats and we were off to explore the preserve. That day in the Bald Eagle Preserve in Alaska I saw two Eagles, that’s right just two. One was in a tree in the middle of our river exploration and I did manage to capture the Eagle flying, not very well but for me it made this trip worth it. Seeing a Bald Eagle, in person, in nature was something I longed for since I was a little kid. When we got back to camp, the guide quickly pointed out an Eagle sitting in a tree right by camp. And while all this was exciting, on the bus ride back I couldn’t help but think to myself “Shouldn’t there have been a lot more Eagles at a Bald Eagle Preserve?” So that night we are sitting at the bar on the cruise boat and next to me is a couple talking about all the Bald Eagles they saw that day and after listening to them talk for a few minutes I started to wonder, “Where the heck did they go that they saw over 50!!! Eagles?” So I asked and got my first lesson in shooting wildlife, apparently this couple went to go see something completely different, salmon, that’s right they went to a Salmon Hatchery. Why, you ask, was this my first lesson, because if you want to shoot wildlife you should probably go to where they eat!!!! How does this relate to the family of Bald Eagles here in my hometown, well as I sat there hoping they would come back I started thinking of that couple on the cruise and quickly realized I needed to find a food source!Taking out my phone and looking at a satellite view of the area I found a large body of water about 20 minutes away, so off I went. As I arrived, I wasn’t sure if the Eagle family was going to be here or not, but I knew I had a great place for some sunset pictures. After driving around for a while and getting the lay of the land I discovered an old cattle farm right across from the reservoir that I thought would make for some great pictures.

After photographing this great little place I went back over to the reservoir for sunset and hopefully some Eagles fishing. However, aside from a great sunset no Eagles showed up.Click here for the entire gallery of this amazing Bald Eagle Families Feeding Ground.

I left that night with another mixed bag of feelings, no Eagles but an amazing sunset. Still I wonder are the Eagles going to come back? Did the 3rd baby ever find the family? Subscribe to my blog to hear about the future endeavors of this amazing Bald Eagle Family.