Jeep Trail: Porphyry Gulch


My jeep has taken me to many great heights here in beautiful Colorado, but none as cool as Porphyry Gulch. Located 9 miles north of Silverton, Colorado Porphyry Gulch takes you to 12,500 ft. and with a short 2 mile hike at the top you find Bullion King Lake, a glacier lake that feeds the numerous waterfalls you will see along the trail. At the end of the trail, before the hiking trail for the lake, there is one of natures coolest sites.

Although i missed the wildflowers this scene is still amazing. The snow pack from the previous winter is still there and this was taken in August. But as the river thaws it carves out a little stream and waterfall through the snowpack creating an other worldly scene.

As far as Jeep trails in the area go this is an easier trail to do, however there is one section where the road is very narrow and if you are a novice driver you might want to hike the rest of the way. This part of the trail is not much further to the trail head so hiking is an option, if driving on a high narrow shelf is not your thing.

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