TBT: Eastern State Penitentiary


The home to many notorious criminals, Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the first major prisons built in America. It took a large step away from prisons of its day, and took the people who wanted it over 30 years to convince Philadelphia to build it. Today this prison sits as a tourist venue, where you can visit and see the prison from the inside out. ESP also does art installations, so you can visit and see something different every time. Of the most notable prisoners was the infamous Al Capone! But since it has become a tourist attraction one of the more popular photographs of ESP is a simple Barber Chair. And while this looks like just any barber chair, it certainly is not. Inmates that wanted to get their hair cut would go here and have their hair cut by another inmate, and that may not sound to bad to you, but at ESP inmate interaction was kept to a minimum so it would be pretty easy to say that they not only didn't know who the hardened criminal with the only approval in the prison to have sharp objects was, but also what he was in for and who is friends were. I would say that is a pretty stressful hair cut.I think one of creepiest places and one of my favorite photos from this trip was the infirmary. Unlike most of the areas in the prison this was not easily accessible, in fact you pretty much have to hang out a window to grab this picture. With bars on every window I promise this is not an easy task. However, it lead to a great photo of very eery place.Another favorite of mine is a shot from outside the prison. When ESP was built, it was, for it's time the most expensive prison built. So how do you accent the most expensive prison, to the outside world.... simple a Gargoyle! This guys rests right at the entrance to the prison and with all prisoners being blindfolded once they entered the prison, to help prevent them from getting to know the prison and plan escapes, this guy was probably one of the last things they saw from the outside world.

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