Ever since I have discovered Moab, Utah I have wanted to photograph it in the Winter. The snow against the red rocks, arches, and Moab’s amazing landscape’s have been calling my name ever since I saw the first picture of it. I have made a few attempts in the past, but have come up empty. This year, in the year of the El Nino, it was going to happen. The winter scenes from Moab were all over social media and I knew I had to get up there. I had a friend coming in from back east and I knew it was the perfect time. We headed out on Saturday morning, I knew there was snow there how much and exactly where was up for debate. Moab got a huge storm in the beginning of the year and a few more average size ones throughout January so are odds were pretty good. Our chosen spot for the evening sunset was Canyonlands just north of Moab. I have been to The Needles (southern entrance) during the fall and it is just as awesome down there, but in The Island in The Sky (northern entrance) we got treated to a rare night of weather and  a vibrantly, ever changing sunset, oh and there was snow!

As a photographer these are the nights we dream of. The conditions were perfect, and as I approached the scene I wondered to myself if I could really capture the beauty I saw in front of me. Thankfully, in a moment like that we go into action mode and you line up one shot, then another, and another and you just keep going until your freezing and there is no more light around you. But in the process of shooting, my friend, from back east, starts talking to a local artist, also there to take in the rare beauty of the sunset, Pete Apicella. Pete is a great local artist I encourage you all to check out his stuff at: http://aquafirearts.com/. Pete’s calmness and appreciation for what we were seeing, helped me remember why. Why I drive to the middle of nowhere, lug a bunch camera equipment, and just freeze my butt off for and why I love it so much. Every night where I get perfect conditions like that, I always hope for one that will always help me remember what I experienced that night. I only hope to bring that same feeling to you.

The show went on for ever it seemed. Purple, green, the colors were all over the place. Once I saw the light bouncing off the sheared rock face, I quickly became obsessed. Grabbing a shot from every angle I could as the light changed by the minute.

As I walked around I found hidden gems just waiting to be found. Around every nook and cranny lies a subject just waiting to be captured.

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  1. […] Recently, I photographed one of these places, Mesa Arch in Canyonlands, Utah. This arch is famous because at sunrise you can get the sun coming up over a mountain framed by the Arch with an amazing view of the valley below. It is also very easy to get to which makes hiking out in the dark for sunrise much easier. But on most mornings, especially the summer, when you show up you will be greeted by a large amount of photographers. This makes getting the shot you wanted or lets say a different shot even harder as groups this large will more than likely be in your photo. So when I decided that I would go and shoot Mesa Arch, I decided to go at sunset instead. However, when we showed up it was very easy to see why so many go as sunrise. Because of where Mesa Arch sits and the mountains between the sun and the arch you actually lose light on the arch close to an hour before sunset. Luckily for me we showed up a little early and I was still able to capture the arch with some nice light. The bonus for me was capturing a photo of the arch with nobody else around. In all the pictures of Mesa Arch that I have seen, I have never seen one of the entire area, so I was able to get a shot I don’t believe many people have. But because the light was dwindling and the sunset wasn’t going to be very good on this side of the mesa, I quickly grabbed a few other shots and we were off to another spot for sunset. You can read about that here. […]

  2. […] witnessing the might sunset of Canyonlands, I was a happy a photographer with very little expectations for sunrise. Could it be that I could […]

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